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Sep 22 2011

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Sep 21 2011

As teens we want to stay updated with the latest teen celebrity gossip right? Whose dating who, who did what, and the ‘omg what did they wear?’ right? So we either log on to Hollywood Teen TV Online or we go to our nearest news stand to purchase J14 or M magazine. But as we grow older we start to think about other things among the latest celebrity gossip. That’s where Essentials Magazine comes into our lives.

Essentials Magazine is a practical lifestyle monthly for modern, suburban women – and is packed with fast and easy tips to make life easier, every day. It offers useful emotional and practical help and advice – great affordable fashion, best beauty buys and step-by-step guides, motivating health features and smart ways to be a savvy consumer. The 32 page unique ‘Make It Easy’ franchise – offers easy, mouthwatering food and gives practical, can-do tips and solutions for home, wellbeing, and new technology.

So when your older or maybe even know you’re older you might want to make the switch to Essentials Magazine….. but just don’t do it before you’re 25!

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Sep 21 2011

If you ever wanted the most comfortable jeans you can think of, but at a very affordable price then look no further! We have found the answer to your prayers!

Hugo Boss Jeans have got to be thee best jeans we have worn in our life! With such great quality material its no wonder you can’t compare these jeans to anything else. What we love most about Hugo Boss Jeans has to be the price!

With so many overpriced jeans everywhere, you can’t compare them to Hugo Boss. If you are ready to get into the best jeans in your life then make sure to start shopping here and here!

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Sep 20 2011

If you are looking for great fashion clothes for this year’s back to school year then look no further! Gio Goi has what you are looking for!

We love Gio Goi because they have such great styles for not just women but for men as well. Not only that, the quality that goes into the every single product is impeccable.

Gio Goi has a wide varieties of clothes for you too choose, but the best part is the price! With such great products that they offer its a big surprise at the prices the offer them too.

Make sure to check out their online store and start shopping at the latest fashion trends and start saving money too! Check out Gio Goi here!

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Sep 9 2011

Zac Efron looks all playful behind the scenes in this new ‘New Year’s Eve’ featurette which debuted on MSN UK.

Efron will be portraying a bike messenger helping out Ingrid, a frustrated secretary fulfill a bucket list right before New Year’s day.

With other great stars starring in the movie such as Ashton Kutcher, Lea Michele, Jake T. Austin, Josh Duhamel New Year’s Eve will definatly be a hit once it hit’s theaters this December 9.

Check out the feauturette in its entirety below.

Will you go watch it once it comes out in theaters?  read more

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